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Paweł Kopocz
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Katowice, Silesian District, Poland
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Apple OS X Mac OS JAMF Casper Suite OS X Imaging Software distribution Software packaging Windows 7 Windows 8 HTML CSS JavaScript Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Lightroom Microsoft Office Photography Knowledge transfer Problem solving Effective Team-Working


IBM Client Innovation Center Wroclaw & Katowice

IT Team Leader
November 2016 - Today | Katowice, Silesian District, Poland

IBM Client Innovation Center Wroclaw & Katowice

IT Specialist | Managed Mobility Services Platform Management Specialist
September 2014 - Today | Katowice, Silesian District, Poland
  • - Actively involved into IBM OS X Apple Global Enablement project
  • - Co-lead Apple OS X part of T&T of new clients - also work on client site
  • - Prepared processes and documentation of Apple OS X support
  • - Prepared educational path for new comers about Apple OS X and administration of Apple OS X infrastructure using JAMF Casper Suite
  • - Build first IBM Apple Laboratory in Poland
Main tasks in service delivery:
  • - Coordinate the release of critical custom developed and “off the shelf” applications (Adobe Creative Cloud)
  • - Ensure application specifications are well documented, tested, and packaged for immediate release, deployment, and available to end users
  • - Apply optimal testing techniques and checks to ensure software installation works as per the provided documentation
  • - Create unattended and silent installation packages in .pkg or .dmg format including, scripts (Bash, Casper), custom .plist (XML), pre and post installation actions.
  • - Import packages within the deployment infrastructure (Casper JSS)
  • - Create Casper deployment policies, pre and post installation scripts
  • - Create custom images for client environment using Casper Imaging and Netboot Server
  • - Manage Apple Updates using Software Update Server

I want to tell you how much we appreciate your commitment and effort you put to make our Apple project successful. Thanks to your hard work, openness and innovative approach we have made tremendous progress in building first Apple support within MMS department. Thank you for giving this company your best.

- Anna Pęcikiewicz - IBM Manager's Choice Award 2015
    Additional taks:
  • - Lectures at the Silesian University of Technology under the program Corporate Readiness Certificate (CRC) about OS X Image Management

Board Member

Mission Family Foundation
January 2016 - Today | Katowice, Silesian District, Poland


September 2008 - Today | Katowice, Silesian District, Poland
  • - Repair of computers with Windows, Linux and Apple OS X operating systems
  • - Design and development of visual identity
  • - Design and optimization of web applications
  • - Preparation of advertising materials
  • - Photographic services - reportages, portraits (, TVN24)
  • - Photos for the covers of books - WAM Publishing House , SQN Publishing House | Sine Qua Non
  • - Web services for Dominican Order in Katowice
  • - Building an online community - Facebook fanpages with over 500 thousands users

Silesian Water Cluster

October 2012 - November 2014 | Katowice, Silesian District, Poland

Website author and administrator as part of the project entitled: "Development of the Silesian Water Cluster" co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme of Silesia District.

  • - Design and implementation of website and content management system
  • - Design and implementation of software to improve communication within the system
  • - Administration of the website during project

ELKOP-Translations Language Centre Elżbieta Kopocz

Webdeveloper | Graphic designer
September 2008 - June 2013 | Katowice, Silesian District, Poland
  • - Design, implementation and administration of website
  • - Preparation of advertising materials
  • - Maintenance of computers


Silesian University of Technology

Faculty of Applied Mathematics - Informatics
October 2010 - February 2014 | Gliwice, Silesian District, Poland
Obtained title:
Thesis topic: - multiplatform application to create and manage notes.

XVIII High School

Class with journalistic and photographic program
September 2007 - June 2010 | Katowice, Silesian District, Poland


Certified JSS Administrator (CJA)

JAMF Software | Training details
June 2016

Certified Casper Technician (CCT)

JAMF Software | Training details
June 2015

Certified Casper Administrator (CCA)

JAMF Software | Training details
December 2015

Apple Certified Support Professional 10.10 (ACSP)

Apple | Training details
November 2015

Apple Certified Associate - Mac Management Basics 10.10

Apple | Training details
February 2016

Apple Certified Associate - Mac Integration Basics 10.10

Apple | Training details
February 2016

CEFR - Level C1 - Effective operational proficiency or advanced

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages | Silesian University of Technology
June 2010